What are we doing?

Well hopefully a lot of things. Our first team project with Chinese New Year where we did a speed build for a map and event in 3 weeks. We made many mistakes but learned a lot. We are now ready for the next large project.

The R.S.S. Deucalion

This will be an interactive world with lots to see and do but it doesn’t end there. We plan to host competitions during its creation so that everyone can contribute to this project.

The Core Values
Atmosphere – We don’t want to just create a ship. As the project continues we want to build up lore, characters, villains and worlds.

Interactivity – We want computer systems to function, Readouts to give you important information and objects and props to use and abuse.

RP Experience – We want to do weekly RP events where we invite people to take on an important role in ships Crew from Captain to Doctor. Use your wits to navigate an interactive story and see if you can save the day or die in service.

Social Events – With a ship so large we need to keep it busy so we plan to host social events aboard the R.S.S. Deucalion. Experience the Captains Ball or even a birthday party. We will make sure there are plenty of sets and stages for all needs.


So as you can see we are keeping busy. I will be updating this page with more details and glimpses soon.

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