Sing-a-Thon Charity Event

This fun charity event is your perfect chance to help raise money for Mental Health Associations and will start on 27th April at 10pm GMT. As time goes by Mental Health Issues have become more and more accepted by society as a real problem. Through diagnoses, acceptance, medication and guidance these Charities help those in need. Your donations will go directly to these charities via

The Event – VRChat Sing-A-Thon
Join streamers as they run from world to world trying to get people to sing songs from a list provided before the event whilst sticking to some very specific rules. If you can learn about the rules by clicking here.

Want to participate?
If you fill in the form below you can request to be one of the streamers for the VRChat Sing-A-Thon. You don’t have to be famous, you don’t have to have tons of followers. You just need to be willing to commit some of your time to rehearsals and to the event itself.

Please fill in anything else you want. If you want to ask that a specific Charity be added then please list it here. Remember that this event is for Mental Health Charities.

What Charities do the donations go to?
The following link will take you to our Charities page where you can learn about where your donations go and even request your Mental Health charity be added.

Time Line
The Main event is at 10PM GMT – 27th April with a proposed second round on 28th same time if we have sufficient amount of streamers.

Time Zones
10 PM BST / British Summer Time
6 AM PHT Following Day

Additional Feedback
If you have suggestions or comments you can follow this link to our contact page and we will be more than happy to get in touch with you.